A Trusted Loan Officer



I work closely with my clients as they shop for their home or consider their refinance options. All situations are different. I take the time to look at the details of each transaction and individualize my services to the client’s specific needs.

Purchasing a home can be stressful and at times challenging.

I focus on walking my clients through the financial-side of their transaction. My goal is to make sure that they are 100% comfortable with the important financial decisions that they are making.
I want my clients to have a good understanding of the process and the financials. This is often my client’s first financial transaction and almost always the largest. I believe staying in regular communication and directly answering questions is very important. I remain available to my clients at all times.



Mortgage refinances are a great opportunity to review a client’s current financial status.

Client’s often come to me to look for options to lower their current interest rate, mortgage payment or change their mortgage term. When looking at a mortgage refinance there are additional opportunities and benefits that can be maximized.

A mortgage refinance can be used to inexpensively restructure debt and increase monthly cash flow. A careful and detailed evaluation can uncover many options that may go unnoticed. I have helped many clients change their financial position by using a mortgage refinance.


In all situations, clients can have peace of mind that they are working with a local lender with the expertise, experience and product options to handle their financing needs.

The process of purchasing and refinancing a home can at times feel tedious. I work closely with my clients to assist them through in every step of the process and make it as streamlined as possible. I am flexible in time and location and enjoy meeting with clients to discuss their specific needs. My goal is to have my clients feel comfortable and fully understand their transaction.